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4 Ways Loyalty Programs Benefit Retailers

By / December 2015


Six out of 10 retailers use loyalty programs to keep customers engaged with their brand. Seen as the mark of larger organizations, smaller companies are now taking on this trend to remain competitive.

For those still considering loyalty programs, we’ve broken down the benefits below.

1. Increase your basket size
Retailers with loyalty programs report an average transaction of $34.18. Average basket size for retailers without loyalty programs is $29.86.

2. Deliver relevant communications to your customers
You’ll get more from your KPIs (key performance indicators) when your communications hit the mark.

3. Understand and measure customer purchasing behavior
With tons of data at your fingertips, you’ll know what your customers are buying, when they’re buying it, and which promotion works best.

4. Be smarter about ad spending
By shifting some of your budget to digital, you can target your
customers with ads that hit at the right time, on the right device.

* The information in this article was gathered and analyzed as part of a study sponsored by Aptaris and Topco. You can obtain the full report at: GoAptaris.com/AdStudy2015


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