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5 Things Promotional Software Gets Right

By / December 2015


Data issues. Errors. Ambiguity. It’s a retailer’s life.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Third-party promotional software is designed to help retailers unify their data to make smarter decisions, and streamline the workflow to make teams more efficient, allowing retailers to:

  1. Choose the right items to promote or advertise.

Promotional software tracks what your customers are buying and what promotion works best.

  1. Version ads quickly and easily.

Promotional software is a designer’s dream. Automatically keep track of both price zones and ad templates, so information can be populated with just a few clicks.

  1. Eliminate errors in your weekly circular.

Mistakes are costly and cause customer service issues. Promotional software creates one version of the truth, so your ads are accurate.

  1. Quickly access historical data when forecasting or planning.

Stop guessing. Stop pulling information from multiple databases. With one-click, promotional software can show you all your data in one place.

  1. Improve proof and review processes.

Keep better track of approvals and hold your teams accountable.

Aptaris is the world leader in enterprise promotions management software built for retailers, by retailers. By automating, integrating and optimizing all the promotions processes in one place, we bring order to retailers’ promotional chaos, which dramatically increases profitability and competitiveness. For more information, visit goaptaris.com


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