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5 Ways Retailers Can Inspire Shopper Loyalty

By / December 2015


Retail Trends and Supermarket Promotional Vehicles Elevating the Customer Experience

Inspiring shopper loyalty is paramount to the success of supermarkets today and in the future. It’s all about customer experience and convenience.

Smart grocers are taking a cue from larger retail trends, such as this list from RetailNext, a provider of Big Data solutions and in-store analytics.

1. Merging Digital and Physical Channels
To entice Millennials and accommodate time-strapped consumers, retailers must make shopping more accessible and deliverable 24/7. Optimizing an omni-channel approach, leveraging strong CRM and loyalty programs across digital and brick and mortar will increase performance and engage loyal customers.

2. Inspirational In-Store Shopping Journey
The shopping experience must be captivating and relevant to the consumer. Forget trying to keep her in-store longer with the hope that she’ll buy more. Now the mantra is to make shopping easy and efficient. Offering differentiated products in a simplified, easy to find environment is the key to getting her to come back again and again.

3. Engaging Technology
Communications need to take place before, during and after the store visit to inspire customer commitment. Retailers must harness in-store messaging and iBeacons, as well as social media, loyalty programs and other technology touchpoints to enhance customer engagement.

4. Focus on Formats
The popularity of pop-up stores and more customized merchandising to accommodate local preferences is revolutionizing retail. In fact, online only retailers are now opening physical stores to showcase their brand experience to customers.

5. Make it Convenient
With less time and patience, convenience is a priority for the consumer of today and tomorrow. Retailers’ offerings must be easy to find and relevant to shoppers’ needs with quick and simple check out.

Promotional Vehicle Traffic Drivers
To get more shoppers in-store for a full brand experience, food retailers communicate promotions using an average of 14 media and advertising vehicles. According to the “Advertising and Promotional Practices of U.S. Supermarket Retailers”, report the most commonly used media continues to be the printed circular, along with shelf tags and signs.


Despite the prevalence of printed media used today, 90 percent of supermarkets expect growth in email, website outreach, and digital and mobile coupons. And as many as 70 percent of grocers expect to increase their use of Facebook and Twitter to announce promotions.

By elevating the customer experience, engaging consumers and simplifying shopping, supermarkets will captivate their audience and capture share of mind as well as share of wallet.

* The information in this article was gathered and analyzed as part of a study sponsored by Aptaris and Topco. You can obtain the full report at: GoAptaris.com/AdStudy2015.


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