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After 50 Years..Brian Wilson Still Giving Off Good Vibrations

By / January 2017


In the December issue of the Harvard Business Review, the “Life’s Work” interview is with Brian Wilson, the genius behind the Beach Boys. It is a terrific read (Life’s Work) not only shedding some light on his career and the group’s phenomenal success, but also providing some insights from the world of music that have applicability to the world of retail. He touches upon how the band worked together with everyone knowing their individual part. The importance of respecting the ideas of others and the utilization of others to make the band better was key. And Wilson was never satisfied. He always looked for something more. Wilson also discusses the many physical challenges he faced. To overcome them and be so successful is quite a story.

If you are interested in a more detailed telling of his story, and that of the Beach Boys, you may want to see the 2014 biopic “Love & Mercy.”

It is well worth a Netflix rental! It stars Paul Dano as the younger Brian and John Cusack as the older Brian. Paul Giamatti is despicable as Dr. Landy. And Elizabeth Banks is remarkable as his wife Melinda who truly rescued him later in life. It is a feel-good story about how perseverance can overcome hardship and produce legendary work. Not a bad way to start the New Year. And sure to give you a few Good Vibrations!

PS – if you are not familiar with the studio musicians Wilson mentions – The Wrecking Crew – then take a moment to google them. Quite a group.

Contributed by Dave Henry, Board Member at Aptaris and Senior Marketing & Advertising Executive. Dave has over 40 years creating successful brands that customers love and companies depend upon. Nationally recognized for building the businesses of several large grocery retail chains, his career includes SVP of Marketing for Winn-Dixie and senior executive at Price Chopper Supermarkets and Star Markets division of Jewel Companies. He has been a leader at organizations such as the Food Marketing Institute and National Grocers Association. Currently Dave also serves on the Boards of the Florida Theatre, SparkShoppe, Origin Marketing and Vioby Media. He also conducts ad agency reviews for companies. You can follow Dave on Twitter at: @d_f_henry or via LinkedIn: Dave Henry.


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