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Enterprise Marketing & Promotions Management

A Time of Change and Renewal

By / March 2018


Marked by shifting weather patterns and constantly changing flora and fauna, the seasonal transformation from winter to spring ushers in new life, hope, and renewal.

Many parallels exist between the constant pressures in nature and the volatile retail environment we find ourselves in today. Whether it’s Amazon and ecommerce, pricing pressure from discount retailers, or shifting consumer behavior, traditional retailers are struggling to keep pace with market demands.

The rate of change accelerates with advances in technology, putting additional pressure on retailers. Those that fail to adapt and continue to operate as they did last month, last quarter, or last year will struggle to survive. Evidenced by the recent bankruptcy filings of iconic brands such as Toys R Us, Winn-Dixie (Southeastern Grocers), and Bon-Ton – no retailer is immune.

As consolidation continues new business models emerge and new strategies are considered. The impact of the Amazon/Whole Foods merger for instance has sparked some interesting partnerships. For example, Kohl’s teaming up with Aldi to sell groceries or the recent rumors of Kroger partnering with Target.

If we continue to see these trends as shocking, we are probably misreading the tea leaves. We are at a point where retailers and suppliers need to accept this is the new norm.

Fortunately, if we learn to embrace change, dynamic environments present new opportunities for collaboration, innovation and growth.

They can also provide hope and opportunity for renewal.

Recently, #SaveToysRUs campaign was launched by a group of investors to save the iconic brand, a brand that once provided an unmatched customer experience and served as the premier shopping destination for kids everywhere. The brands emotional connection to its customers still resonates and could be the catalyst for a revival.

Southeastern Grocers will restructure its debt and hope to find success in re-sizing stores and new formats to be competitive and take on new challenges.

Just as the seasons constantly change, the dynamic retail world we live in doesn’t allow for complacency. At Aptaris, we are always looking to improve, whether its providing new enhancements to our products or finding ways to better serve our customers – we embrace constant change.


The Aptaris software was developed to help manage the complexities of the retail environment and the challenges it presents. We speed the entire marketing and promotions process by increasing collaboration, improving communications and visibility across teams, automating processes and providing advanced forecasting and reporting capabilities to give retailers a competitive advantage.

To learn more about our services, please schedule an appointment and a team member will contact you shortly.

Contributed by Tom O’Reilly, President and CEO, Aptaris

Tom has a deep understanding of the retail business from both the store and vendor perspectives. He brings decades of hands-on experience in advertising and promotions including new media innovations. As an entrepreneur, he has transformed each organization he has worked with. Tom is a forward-thinking leader with a history of driving innovation, growth and profitability. As an avid reader, Tom is always enthusiastically sharing cutting-edge ideas with clients and colleagues.


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