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Agility in Football and Retail

By / December 2013


As we kick off the NFL season, it’s worth taking a look at the thin line between winning and losing. Playing a tough sport against the best athletes requires an edge. More often than not, that edge is agility. The same can be said about retailing.Agility in football and retailing is a combination of:

  • Perspective
  • Coordination
  • Speed

Perspective is where agility starts.
Perspective is seeing things accurately, how they interrelate and their comparative importance. Retailers have lots of data and systems, but they don’t always have perspective. Investing in tools that give you transparency into what is happening right now is a top priority. Just as important is the ability to drill down and look across to see how everything interrelates and to understand priorities.

Coordination so it all works together.
Agility in football means two things. First, each player must master the efficient movement of his own body within his assigned role. Then he has to integrate those movements with everyone else on his team. Retail teams need to coordinate in the same way. Everyone must work effectively and efficiently in their own area of responsibility and with the rest of the organization.

The need for speed
Football has become a game of speed. Teams and players that can maneuver fast and outsmart the other side are the ones who win. The key to speed, according to Tom Shaw, the legendary coach of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dion Sanders and dozens of other football stars, states that the key to speed is to “get rid of wasted movement.” Retailers who can eliminate rework, lengthy reporting cycles, and fragmented departmental information can make decisions smarter and faster–increasing the speed of every initiative and every competitive response.

“You better work on your agility because players get quicker and quicker each year,” said a football coach with the Texas A&M Aggies. Retailers are facing competition that is growing more nimble each year too.

Are you ready for the busiest retail season, the fourth quarter and beyond? Do you have the resources and partners who can hone your agility and sharpen your edge?


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