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Aptaris is Moneyball for Retailers

By / December 2013


Launching our rebranded company today gives me the perfect opportunity to emphasize what we really do: Aptaris is Moneyball for retailers—and the vendors who supply them.

The movie Moneyball opens with this quote:

“There will always be people who are ahead of the curve and people who are behind the curve. But knowledge moves the curve.”

Moving the Curve
Subtitled “The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,” Moneyball is about how the Oakland Athletics used knowledge to gain the advantage. Aptaris does the same thing for retailers. We connect your people, processes, and data so you can win at the unfair game of retailing. In other words, Aptaris moves the curve.

Not Business as Usual
At the start of Moneyball, the Oakland Athletics faced the daunting task of replacing three key players. One of the old scouts defended their traditional approach, saying, “This is the way we’ve been doing it for 150 years. Let us do our job.” The General Manager Billy Beane argued back, “You’re talking like this is business as usual. It’s not.” It’s not business as usual in retail either. It’s harder and harder to compete. The margin for error is narrower than ever. New retail channels, more ways to communicate, an exploding workload and a need to move faster from plan to execution are just a few of the pressures we face. At the same time, we have unprecedented amounts of data and computing power that promise better decision-making and improved efficiency. The companies who realize that promise will win in the marketplace.

A More Scientific View of the Game
Billy Beane was right when he told his front office staff, “We gotta rethink this thing. We gotta look where others aren’t looking.” Instead of relying on the collected wisdom of baseball insiders, Billy Beane hired experts in economics and statistics who explained how important it is to “understand what’s really happening” when it comes to winning baseball games. He used data to figure out how to buy wins instead of buying players. As the nerdy statistician Peter Brand said in the movie, “Baseball thinking is medieval. It’s stuck in the Dark Ages. I have a more scientific view of the game.” With real knowledge at their fingertips, Beane and Brand changed the way their team played the game.

Winning the Game
Aptaris is a game changer for retail. We give you unprecedented access to your information so you can make more effective decisions, move faster and make the best use of existing resources. Through Aptaris, you can understand what is really happening in your organization. Manage your entire marketing communication and promotion process with “a more scientific view” and buy wins every time you execute a vendor offer. Red Sox owner John Henry said at the end of Moneyball, “Any GM that doesn’t tear down their team and rebuild it using your model is gonna be a dinosaur.” Merchants, marketers and vendors that don’t play Moneyball for retail may find that they, too, are dinosaurs.


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