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Are Retailers Getting the Most Out of Their Ad Agencies?

By / December 2015


Digital ad delivery is a promotions game changer, allowing retailers to pinpoint messages based on individual customer shopping behavior. But beyond targeting messages and promotions, retailers now have an endless stream of data to slice, dice and segment. But are they really using all that information?

According to Advertising & Promotional Practices Among U.S. Supermarket Retailers 2015 report released by Aptaris and Topco, only 17% of retailers track ad effectiveness, but 72% of retailers are measuring promotional lift. Narrowing this knowledge gap between media usage and promotion success is crucial since nine out of 10 retailers expect to increase digital customer communication in the next three years.

With resources and budgets already stretched to their limits, retailers may already have an ally in data management—ad agencies. With 81% of retailers using agencies to execute part or all of their advertising, the majority of retailers have already tapped in to their agency’s expertise in media buying or production.

But only 5% are using an agency for data management services.

For retailers struggling to understand how to use all their new, valuable customer data, there’s a real opportunity for agencies to help. As agencies evolve to provide additional services like data management, they’re helping their retail partners become smarter about allocating marketing budgets.

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