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Boost Marketing Productivity 35%

By / July 2016

Success Stories

The Challenge:
The management of a regional grocery chain struggled to manage the marketing and merchandising budgets, workload and staff. They were also looking for a way to make more profitable use of vendor funding. They had no insight into how processes were managed or how and where costs were incurred. They needed a system that could track the activities of the various departments within the marketing enterprise, give visibility to the process so that it could be managed for efficiency and profit, and help them make the most of vendor funding—to the benefit of both the retailer and its vendors.

The Solution:
Aptaris transformed the grocer’s marketing organization. From when merchandisers first select a promotional offer to the delivery of the circular to the printer, Aptaris made the entire process a smooth, speedy, more accurate and transparent operation. In place of multiple forms and spreadsheets and reports that took hours upon hours of staff time to create (that were out of date as soon as they were done), Aptaris provided complete, correct and up-to-date instant access to information from the item level on up.

Data access facilitated communication across teams and departments—and with vendors. External partners now input cost estimates and actuals, along with purchase order information, directly into Aptaris. The system links seamlessly with PeopleSoft for invoice payment, saving yet another step. Executive leadership, merchandisers and marketing team members all have one-click access to projections and historical performance data. The result has been a 35% increase in productivity across departments with the same staffing level.

Summary Benefits:

  • Single source of information for promotional activity
  • 35% increase in project workload capacity with same staff
  • Better communication between vendors and retailers
  • Better results from vendor funding
  • Easy access to project costs for spend control and accurate budgeting


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