Enterprise Marketing & Promotions Management

Breaking Down Silos

By / July 2016

Success Stories

The Challenge:
This big box retailer needed an enterprise-wide promotion system to help them execute multifaceted marketing programs. Company growth and expanded use of new media had created an inefficient ad hoc process that encompassed twenty-five systems to manage marketing information and build promotions. Projecting sales, tracking changes and creating accurate reports was a daily challenge. The left hand did not always know what the right hand was doing.

The Solution:
Aptaris linked nine teams and departments and replaced more than two dozen systems with a single solution in less than six months. The silos were gone. The retailer now uses Aptaris to manage all marketing efforts across Web, email, social, print and in-store initiatives. Data integrity issues virtually disappeared, as Aptaris made the tracking of changes throughout the production process clear and easy. Data from legacy systems for items, pricing, and cost now links directly to production tools for nearly 200 daily users. Aptaris has handled over 16,000 promotional events, containing 45,800 promotional offers, with 59,100 images and 32,000 studio offers, covering 121,000 tasks since its implementation.

Summary Benefits:

  • Seamless connectivity between departments and teams
  • Improved data integrity through system integration
  • Visibility of pertinent data to make decisions
  • Elimination of cost to maintain and run multiple systems


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