Inventory Management Innovation:

IT Improvements For Promotions Planning & Strategy

In North America, the loss from overstocks costs retailers $123.4 billion annually and out-of-stocks $129.5 billion, according to a recent study by IHL Group.

A national discount retailer beloved by consumers for dollar bargains wanted to pass on even more savings to shoppers by optimizing its marketing, merchandising and promotions processes.

Learn how this retailer excelled after their first year of using the Aptaris system as their centralized source for promotional data:
  • Improved accuracy for merchandise forecasting in the 90% range
  • Experienced a 24 basis points improvement for in-stock percentage during promotional events
  • Reduced in store-level out of stocks by 8%

Aptaris Enterprise Marketing & Promotions Management

About Aptaris

Aptaris is a marketing software and services company that connects the entire marketing, merchandising and promotions management process for seamless omni-channel customer communications. Aptaris streamlines systems, processes, and data – from the moment of deal initiation through implementation to settlement and post-promotion analysis. Retailer merchandising, marketing, advertising, and store operations departments work better together to quickly identify opportunities, improve communications, get more from budgets and drive profitability. In a world of fewer resources and growing complexity, Aptaris helps marketers do more with less. Aptaris supports national retailers, distributors and consumer goods vendors.