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Independent Grocers–Associated Wholesale Grocers Helps Them Stand Up to Competitive Threats

By / December 2014


Competitive threats are a daily challenge for independent grocers. Supermarket News’ Center Store Survey just published, lists Walmart as the biggest strategic threat to traditional grocers. For regional and independent supermarkets, national grocery chains like Kroger are constantly breathing down their necks, using size, reach, and financial strength to keep smaller independent grocers on their toes.

Giving Independent Grocers a Competitive Edge

None of this is news for Associated Wholesale Grocers. As an innovator on the front lines of supporting some of the country’s most intrepid independent supermarket chains, AWG knows it has to stay ahead in terms of tools, process, and strategies. The company brought in Aptaris to help their member-owners better exploit the supermarket competitive landscape, manage costs, revenue and the billing cycle, and run the best promotions for the shoppers in their market area.

Promotion Management to Win with Shoppers

With the growth of shopper marketing (up 55.5% according to the same Supermarket News Center Store Survey), and the growth of digital offers and tools, streamlining promotion planning, execution and measurement is an imperative. Eliminating process bottlenecks, tearing down silos, getting systems talking to one another, preventing errors, and adding speed and agility are the core promise of the Aptaris-AWG partnership. The initiative will help grocers attract and keep profitable shoppers and grow volume and margins.

Read more about how Associated Wholesale Grocers is investing in ways smaller supermarkets and independent grocers can gain a competitive edge.

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