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Leaders Coach Up By Building Up

By / November 2016


If you are an NFL football fan, you may have recently viewed one of the ugliest games ever. I am referring to the tie between Seattle and Arizona on Sunday Night Football. If you didn’t see it, you can get a quick recap here. What I liked about this story was the commentary on what happened after the game and the reactions of both coaches. It provides a great lesson on leadership and what it means to be a coach. But what made it even more special is that I received a note from an individual who used to work for me. Seems that included within the story was one of my ten rules. Let me explain.

As many people know (and apparently remember) I had ten rules to work by and whenever someone came to work for me I made sure each person received them. Turns out that a lot of people kept those rules, some even have them hanging in their offices. I must admit it was a great feeling to know that people felt that strongly about them. And maybe I helped make an impact on their lives along the way. A copy of the rules is attached. And after you read the story you will quickly recognize the rule that Coach Pete Carroll employed – building people up, not tearing them down, especially in difficult times. When people are treated right, and feel valued, they will work harder, and play harder for their coaches. And that is anything but ugly!

Ten Rules to Work By

  1. Be on time.
  2. I’m more interested in what you can do than what you can’t.
  3. I get more excited about your potential than your limitations.
  4. It’s ok to have fun and laugh – we’re selling groceries not performing brain surgery.
  5. It costs you nothing to say thank you, but it may cost you everything if you don’t.
  6. Build people up – don’t tear them down.
  7. Recognize that there are different ways. Fix it if it’s wrong. Learn to respect it if it’s not.
  8. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. It’s a sign of stupidity not to.
  9. You can’t do everything, even if you think you can. Furthermore, you don’t need to. That’s why the rest of us are here.
  10. Take great care with your commitment to your work. It will define you.

Contributed by Dave Henry, Board Member at Aptaris and Senior Marketing & Advertising Executive. Dave has over 40 years creating successful brands that customers love and companies depend upon. Nationally recognized for building the businesses of several large grocery retail chains, his career includes SVP of Marketing for Winn-Dixie and senior executive at Price Chopper Supermarkets and Star Markets division of Jewel Companies. He has been a leader at organizations such as the Food Marketing Institute and National Grocers Association. Currently Dave also serves on the Boards of the Florida Theatre, SparkShoppe, Origin Marketing and Vioby Media. He also conducts ad agency reviews for companies. You can follow Dave on Twitter at: @d_f_henry or via LinkedIn: Dave Henry.


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