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Omnichannel: Solid Promotion Management Infrastructure for Independent Retailers at NGA Show

By / December 2014


Omnichannel is driving exponential growth in the number and complexity of promotional messages retailers must manage.

Influencing shoppers through multiple media and devices requires having a large repository of potential deals and dozens—perhaps hundreds–of permutations of messages and appeals. The operational impact of omnichannel marketing on promotion planning is immense.

Traditional processes are too cumbersome, slow and error-prone to work in today’s reality. Retailers who don’t take the time to look under the hood at how they manage promotions and find ways to streamline, to drive out roadblocks and costs, are at a distinct competitive disadvantage. For independent retailers–getting the edge is even more critical.

Key elements of a best-practices promotion management approach includes:

  • Connecting systems across the company, from planning applications to front-end scanners to accounting
  • Streamlining processes from deal initiation through in-store execution and post-event analysis
  • Facilitating true collaboration with vendors, between departments, and through logistics and store operations
  • Ensuring instant and in-context access to data critical do decision making

Make sure your promotion infrastructure is ready to support these big initiatives. I invite you to visit Aptaris in booth 1412.  If your schedule is too packed, we would be happy to set up a 15 minute remote tour of the important considerations, resources and solutions available.

See you at the show!


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