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Optimizing Promotional Programs With Big Data

By / December 2015


Getting the right promotions in front of the right shoppers at the right time is a key to optimizing supermarket sales.

According to the “Advertising and Promotional Practices of U.S. Supermarket Retailers”report, many grocers are executing across an average of 14 promotional vehicles and eight different advertising models. Food retailers readily admit the process is far from flawless – pointing to a mix of technology limitations and human error when describing areas for operational improvement.


Smaller grocers are more likely than larger supermarket chains to have difficulties with various aspects of the data collection process surrounding ad strategies, including access to historical data, timely results for mid-promotion adjustments, and detailed, timely reports.

Big Data Can Make a Big Difference
A recent Progressive Grocer article explored the use of Big Data by grocers and spotlights the discrepancies between large supermarket chains and small to mid-sized food retailers. With more limited resources, regional grocers often lack internal and external resources to data mine metrics.

In the article, it’s said, “Shoppers expect grocers to provide a better customer experience with more personalized communications and relevant offers. They don’t want a special on cat food if they own a dog. Powerful marketing automation and promotions management solutions are now available for retailers. Armed with advanced software, grocers can make the Big Data in their loyalty programs visible, manageable and actionable, so they can be responsive to consumers’ buying behavior and vendor partners’ offers.”

When Big Data is organized and analyzed, marketers will benefit from fact-based, market-specific information to support campaigns and communications plans.

Harnessing marketing and promotions management software solutions will unlock Big Data and let grocers get closer to consumers with more relevant, targeted and timely messages. The result is improved communications, enhanced customer experience and higher levels of loyalty.

* The information in this article was gathered and analyzed as part of a study sponsored by Aptaris and Topco. You can obtain the full report at: GoAptaris.com/AdStudy2015


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