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Promotion ROI: How AWG Retailers Win by Expanding the Types of Vendor Funding Options

By / December 2014


We knew we would be achieving some significant results for Associates Wholesale Grocers when we began working with them to install what was then called a vendor portal. Now, less than a year since that initial implementation, we would like to share some of the eye-opening outcomes that AWG has delivered to its member retailers.


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New Rules of Vendor Funding

AWG wanted to give member retailers a competitive edge and get ahead of the curve when it comes to promotion innovation. By coordinating more closely with vendors, connecting all the parts of the process and automating workflows, AWG and its member retailers developed new ways to capture more vendor dollars and have profit from the changing rules of vendor funding:

  • Vendors requiring more accountability
  • New types of trade funds challenging old systems and processes
  • Technology transforming how to reach shoppers and drive demand
  • Competitive pressures driving need for staff efficiency for speed, agility and more strategic activities

End-to-End Connected Promotions

Aptaris manages the entire marketing and promotions process, connecting all of your systems and data, for smooth coordination of departments from the moment vendors initiate deals through marketing, merchandising, operations, and creative execution—traditional, digital and mobile—through billing, proof of performance and collection.

How Can Your Organization Get More Funding, Streamline Promotions and Get a Competitive Edge?

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