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Retail Sense Rebrands as Aptaris to Support Expanded Capabilities and Applications

By / August 2013

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TAMPA, Fla. (August 15, 2013) –Retail Sense unveils its new brand, Aptaris™, reinforcing its position as a marketing enterprise management innovator. The name change represents not only a milestone in the company’s growth, but also marks the expanded capabilities of its software and service solution. What began as a way to manage the production of retail circulars has grown into a technology suite for simplifying and streamlining the entire marketing enterprise process.

“The new name, Aptaris, is derived from a Latin verb meaning to adapt, accommodate and fit, with a second meaning of being prepared,” said Tom O’Reilly, CEO and president of Aptaris. “With today’s announcement, we’re building on our successes and completing the natural evolution of our company. Our new brand conveys both our approach to serving clients and how we provide the agility to quickly react and adapt.”

With the explosion of technologies and media, marketing management is exponentially more challenging. Aptaris’ software and service solutions are addressing critical business issues:

More Messages to Manage
Where once a few dozen messages were broadcast on television, radio and print, now companies can micro-target messages one-to-one, across dozens of new media channels and change them by the minute. Marketers now manage thousands of messages, targets and time periods.

Narrow Margins and Shrinking Reaction Time
Marketers no longer have the luxury of months and weeks to plan. Traditional competitors are growing tougher and more agile. New competitors with innovative business models and go-to-market strategies add to the pressure. The margin for error is narrower than ever. Companies need to know what is happening now and react immediately.

Big Data, Little Data — a Sizable Challenge
The era of Big Data means companies are swimming in information from multiple sources including point of sale systems, price and inventory management systems, demand forecasting software, and all manner of demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data. Bringing all that information from disparate systems together is a challenge. Actually using it to make business decisions is an even bigger one.

Aptaris makes the connections that maximize and manage the marketing communication and promotion process from start to finish — turning these business challenges into opportunities.
About Aptaris
Aptaris is a marketing enterprise management innovator delivering visibility and control of the entire marketing communication and promotion process. By connecting legacy systems and data sources, content, processes, and people, Aptaris’ solutions are intuitive, interactive, and highly configurable. Aptaris users can quickly identify opportunities, improve customer communications, get more from current budgets, and ultimately drive profitability. In a world of fewer resources and growing complexity, Aptaris helps marketers do more and more with less and less. Aptaris supports national big box retailers, grocery and discount chains, as well as distributors and consumer goods vendors. Learn more by visiting www.GoAptaris.com.


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