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By / July 2016

Success Stories

The Challenge:
A large national retailer struggled with a labor-intensive promotional process. The amount of work was growing exponentially as the weekly flier was joined by a multi-targeted email program, social media initiatives, digital advertising and pay-per-click campaigns, and in-store signage support that varied by region.

Every week required an “all-hands-on-deck” effort from an overworked team. Like many retailers, they collected offer details, sales projections and other promotional data in a variety of spreadsheets. As promotion plans moved through the merchandising, marketing and advertising processes, different spreadsheets inevitably needed manual data adjustments. It was a huge job to re-do the spreadsheets and make sure all the changes got made in all the right places. And beyond the burden of rework, inaccuracies and inconsistencies always crept in. Trying to track who made what change and when was impossible.

The growth in the number and complexity of items, offers and media channels was not matched with a growth in staffing. This retailer struggled to keep up with the day-today pressures of the marketing and merchandising calendars and definitely could not take advantage of opportunistic deals or new media options.

The Solution:
The retailer started with a pilot study that quickly identified places in their process where they could quickly streamline steps and eliminate errors. Then, when they installed Aptaris, the retailer was able to link marketing and merchandisers with the creative team within a single system. Executives got instant access to accurate and complete information across functions and processes in customized reports that required no staff time to create.

In the new integrated Aptaris process, marketing allocated space to merchant categories, and merchandisers evaluated the optimal choices and allotted communication space according to projected sales. Any changes automatically populated every step of the process.

Aptaris was able to seamlessly integrate legacy data sources to feed the process with sales data by item by store by day. By linking elements of data intelligently within the Aptaris real-time digital workflow, users could access pertinent data with the click of a mouse in context, making informed decisions on the spot, and tracking performance without having to create laborious reports.

Summary Benefits:

  • Efficient promotion workflow from start to finish
  • Single information source for sales and promotional activity
  • Ability to measure effectiveness of promotions
  • Expansion of capacity with same resources
  • Improved promotional planning process


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